About Us


Ecololand is your trusted green provider and professional resource for all things environmentally sustainable. The creation of Ecololand is owed to a need to create awareness surrounding greener practices and the steps each of us can take in our individual capacity to make a lasting difference. If you are in search of a website to discover greener ways of living and safer solutions for your family, Ecololand is your trusted eco-conscious resource.

I have invested in going green and believe in the incredible and lasting benefits, even the smallest changes can make in our daily lives. Moving towards an environmentally friendly way of living is not only safe for the environment but it is also healthier for you and your family. By taking the simplest steps towards change and making it a part of our daily lives, we can make the biggest difference.

The purpose of this site is to provide credible information and access to resources on environmentally friendly and responsible solutions. The goal is to share the latest green and environmental news, DIY tips and everyday tricks to make the transition towards an eco-conscious lifestyle. You can find information on a variety of products and simple solutions to create a safer and a healthier environment that you and your family can appreciate.

With extensive knowledge in all things green and a passion to invest in conservation and sustainability, Ecololand emerged. The biggest problem in environmental practices is that people are not aware of the impact that regular activities can have on the environment. There are many simple yet economical practices we can apply in our homes to encourage stability and reduce our carbon footprint one step at a time.


It is the mission of Ecololand to serve as a contemporary and trusted resource in the provision of environmental care and preservation tips.  Ongoing developments in the industry concerning green practices across the globe are updated ensuring you remain aware of industry relevant news. By creating awareness of the importance of eco-conscious solutions, we aim to create safer, efficient and responsible homes and businesses.

Ecololand strives to provide a relevant educational resource that provides the latest tips and techniques on transforming your home into a green one. Every step is taken to deliver effective solutions in compliance with environmental practices making it easier to incorporate these strategies for residential purposes.

Environmental Sustainability

From water saving strategies to green energy tips for your home, there are many different ways we can make a difference for the environment with minor changes and DIY green solutions. The shift towards solar energy and creating an organic garden helps minimize the severe impact on natural landscapes and resources that cannot be replenished.

Ecololand is your one stop resource for finding important information on the latest green developments including DIY techniques you can apply to make a difference. A commitment to offering the latest news and strategies that work will help you transform your space into a green and sustainable oasis.

From environmentally friendly methods to steps you can take at home to preserve the natural surrounds, Ecololand has got it all. Our purpose is to help you make the transition from using power on the grid to determining valuable and cost effective strategies you can apply to utilize greener sources of energy including UV light. Careful consideration and discussion concerning these aspects are determined to ensure that every reader receives the correct information and updated details.

We provide simplified categories on our web pages so you can browse by the topic of interest to you. The categories cover a broad range of subjects from the latest international green developments to gardening tips and steps to attract natural insects into your garden. For everything green and sustainable, Ecololand is your reliable resource where you can find incredible and innovative information concerning responsible and rewarding environmental practices.

If you are dealing with pests in your garden, our resource guide on DIY green solutions for the garden has been created to address this matter organically. We explore ways of attracting specific insects into your garden to eliminate the pests that are wreaking havoc on your garden beds.

DIY (Do It Yourself)

Our DIY section was developed in an effort to address the interests of home owners with simple green solutions. We provide tips on creating energy efficiency in and around the home to decrease your reliance on harmful and environmentally restricting applications. From a move towards solar energy to simple practices you can apply, every strategy is based on proven techniques for going green and deceasing environmental distress.

With the simplest of changes in your lifestyle you can make the move towards a greener way of living. Embracing environmentally friendly practices will reduce exposure to chemicals and harmful ingredients helping you create a safer home for you and your loved ones.