Environment: 700 scientists launch “SOS” against “climate emergency”

Climate change

They publish a tribune in Liberation, on the eve of the march for the climate in France.

“We are already fully engaged in the ‘climate future.'” It is with this warning that 700 French scientists launch an “SOS” against the “climate emergency” in a forum published by Liberation, Friday 7 September, on the eve of the march for the climate in France.

“Increased average temperatures and recurrence of extreme heat, including in the north of our hemisphere all summer, melting glaciers and pack ice, droughts, changing the range of distribution of some animals and plant species, destruction of rare and precious ecosystems, rising sea level, deoxygenation, and ocean acidification, etc .: the concrete manifestations of climate change are accumulating, “they are alarmed.

Faced with this situation, “the speeches are insufficient,” emphasize the scientists.

It is just as crucial as it is to get out of the incantatory field and translate these discourses into sharp and clear political choices in the service of a profound societal transformation

700 Scientists, in a tribune published by “Liberation”

According to the authors of the platform, “this transformation, if it is ambitious and represents a path very different from the one we follow, is not a utopia, it relies heavily on already available solutions.”

“Only immediate changes and short-term commitments, within the framework of clear and ambitious goals by 2030, can enable us to meet the climate challenge,” they write. So, to conclude: “This one teaches us that the long-term depends on short-term decisions, which will allow future generations not to have to resign themselves to the worst.”



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